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Regional Office Hyderabad

Regional Office Hyderabad

There are 06 Districts with 244 Health Facilities, 56 Health Facilities are working 24/7(BHU Plus).
Regional Office Mirpurkhas

Regional Office Mirpurkhas

There are 05 Districts with 381 Health Facilities, 81 Health Facilities are working 24/7(BHU Plus), 02 Health Facilities are working 24/6, 01 Health Facility is working 12/6 and 03 Health Facilities are working 6/6.
Regional Office Larkana

Regional Office Larkana

There are 06 Districts with 226 Health Facilities, 59 Health Facilities are working 24/7, 05 Health Facilities are working 12/6 and 01 Health Facility working 6/6.
Regional Office Sukkur

Regional Office Sukkur

There are 05 Districts with 281 Health Facilities, 52 Health Facilities are working 24/7, 05 Health Facilities are working 12/6 and 01 Health Facility is working 6/6.

Performance Review

  • 22 million Outpatient VisitOver 17.6 million OPD in the year with free ensured quality diagnosis, treatment and management as per standard protocols.
  • 126,663 NVDsMost of the pregnant women are pre-booked during their ANC checkups where they get all services such as deworming iron and folic acid supplementation etc.
  • 46,834 Follow upsGood Follow up amounts to quality healthcare deliverance. Ideally all the new cases must be followed excluding few exceptions to this rule.
  • 504,303 ANC-1 Anttenatal care is an essential part of maternal care and should start as soon as one finds out she is expecting. Having a healthy pregnancy is one of the best ways to optimize the pregnancy outcome.
  • 179,395 Postnatal CarePostnatal care is of great importance as it helps the mother and the baby to come back the normal life.
  • 416,212 Family PlanningEffective family planning interventions have remarkable impact over the quality of life, reducing maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality ultimately contributing to positive health coutcomes.
  • 346,521 Fully ImmunizedThe main objective of quality immunization is to assure the provision of the quality immunization services that promote, protect and preserve the children against the vaccine.
  • 3,256,723 Laboratory TestsAccurate and reliable diagnosis is the cornerstone of disease management and control. Integration of laboratory and other diagnostics at PHC is of great importance, making comprehensive healthcare a complete healthcare.

PPHI Sindh organized 22nd Board of Directors’ (BOD) meeting on 5th October 2018

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Fazal-ur-Rehman, Chairman (BOD) PPHI Sindh. The meeting was attended by all BOD members. Mr. Ghulam Ali Soomro, Chief Executive Officer – PPHI Sindh presented the progress on behalf of PPHI Sindh’ team. The Secretary Health Department, Government of Sindh, Dr. Muhammad Usman Chachar and Mr. Ashfaq Ali Shah, Director General Population Welfare Department Sindh were also present during the meeting.

Meeting with Health Minister

PPHI Sindh senior management team met with Health Minister Sindh, Dr. Azra Pechuho to discuss the collaboration between government and PPHi Sindh for improving health services in Sindh. The PPHI Sindh included Mr. Ghulam Ali Soomro – CEO, Dr. Abdul Sattar Chandio – Senior Director Health System, Dr. Zaib Dahar – Senior Technical Advisor, Syed Shahid Ali – Director Procurement and Mr. Javed Abro – Director HR

More Features

MCH Centres (BHU Plus) 24/7

No round–the–clock MCH Center is available in the rural areas. PPHI has made an important beginning with 120 MCHCs operating 24/7 and 11 MCHCs operating 12/6. These MCHCs are equipped with Diagnostic Labs and Ambulanceservices. Up till now 120 MCHC Center are operating 24/7 total in Sindh.

Mobile/Stationery Ultrasound Tests Facility

For the first time in the history of Sindh, PPHI is providing the facilities with Ultrasound facility for giving an additional benefit to the people in the villages. Total 81 high quality Ultrasound Machines, with portable generators have been provided to ensure un-interrupted power supply. Already 35 Sonologists are hired and assigned cluster of 8 to 10 HFs for conducting Free–of–Cost Sonograms for women and sharing findings with I/c Lady Doctor of the PPHI. Schedule of Sonologists is circulated in advance and widely publicized. LHWs of the area are further encouraged to refer pregnant ladies for Ultrasound . Please see the Ultrasound table below for PPHI coverage.

Health Education

“Health Sessions” are a regular feature at schools in the catchment area with the object of providing education on key health issues, healthy life and prevention from disease. Doctors are also expected to provide medical assistance to school children during School Health Sessions. Furthermore, Health Education is also being provided to the community on a regular basis every month through community health sessions.

The Pharmacies

PPHI is providing 90 medicines & 20 related items to the Patients at every HF free of charge. These medicines are procured from National & Multi-national Pharmaceuticals of good repute. No medicine is supplied to a HF without Quality Tests at Government Laboratories. Only, packed or stripped medicines are supplied at HFs. In this way, the Pharmacies at rural HFs have improved in terms of quantity, quality and coverage. Disposable syringes are provided at every HF. It is ensured that regular supply of medicines and material are delivered at the HF through centralized arrangements at the District level.

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Address Head Office : Bungalow No. C-27/1 Near Umer Shareef Park, Clifton Block 2, Karachi
Phone Numbers Head Office : +92 021 35872214 & 53564045 Fax Number : +92 021 35872241
Email Address Support : info@pphisindh.org