Meeting with Health Department

PPHI Sindh organised a meeting with Health Department in support of UNDP to conduct the review of "Larkana HIV outbreak Response" and the data collected for the study. The study will also help in understanding the role of PPHI Sindh in support of outbreak, and the lessons learnt; what worked well, what didn't workwell and what needs to be improved further, etc.

Mr. Javed Ali Jagirani - CEO PPHI Sindh lead the team from PPHI Sindh, Mr. Riaz Rahoojo - COO, Dr. Zaib Dahar - STA, Dr. Kishwer Ali - Principal Officer, Ms. Neelofer Baig - Deputy Director Research and Mr. Ayaz Ahmed were also representing PPHI Sindh. Whereas UNDP's team included Mr. Rab Nawaz, DG office Mr. Moosa Qazi and Ms. Fehmeeda. Mr. Jaswal and Mr. Junaid were representing UNAIDS, while Mr. Philip were also in attendance.

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