CEO PPHI Sindh inaugurates state-of-the-art Skills Lab at Hyderabad office

Mr. Abdul Wahab Soomro, CEO PPHI Sindh, inaugurates state-of-the-art Skills Lab at Regional Office, Hyderabad.

The purpose of the Skills Lab is to implement theory into practice. It will provide a platform to participants to build their understanding through demonstration. This will help candidates to improve skills through practice so that they can continue their evidence based practices.

The design of this facility features a classroom for 10 to 15 students and a skills lab equipped with multimedia and modern training models and advance teaching equipment. The MNCH skills lab will have multiple stations that will focus on antenatal, postnatal care, Family Planning, Helping Babies Breathe, kangaroo mother care, Normal Vaginal Delivery, Episiotomy Delivery, Infection Prevention and child birth and maternal complications.

The skills lab will play a key role in improving the skills of healthcare providers associated with PPHI Sindh and equipping them with latest technology and services.

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