PPHI Sindh holds PCPNC training on revised WHO guidelines

PPHI Sindh organized a two-day training on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and newborn care guidelines revised by World Health Orgnisation (WHO) in its third edition. The training was held on 1 and 2 March 2019 at regional office of Sukkur. The revised edition of WHO PCPNC Guidelines includes revised guidelines about antibiotic protocols in complications of delivery (Omitting metronidazole), including HIV protocols for pregnant women like RPR test need to be included in the basic ANC tests and integration of HIV into the other MNCH services rather referral, etc.

MNCH coordinators of Region Larkana and Sukkur participated in the training that was conducted by Dr. Zaib Dahar - Senior Technical Advisor and master trainers of PPHI Sindh. During workshop, the PCPNC guidelines were presented through power point presentation and multiple discussion were done on different scenarios. MNCH Coordinators were further advised to conduct trickle down training for update on PCPNC. Additionally, MNCH coordinators are required to do orientation as either through one day session through OJTs or in MRMs.

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