CEO-PPHI Sindh's Facility Visits: Strengthening Healthcare Delivery and Engagement

Mr. Javed Ali Jagirani, CEO of PPHI Sindh, conducted visits to three healthcare facilities in KHP-A, including MCHC Thehri, BHU plus Babarloi, and BHU Ubarri. During the visits, he thoroughly inspected each facility, engaged with the staff and patients, discussed medicine availability, Hepatitis vaccination, EPI, OTP sites, and other related services. Necessary directions were given to address observations and improve service delivery.

Later, Mr. Jagirani visited BHU plus Kunda Khahee in District Naushehro Feroze. He carefully examined all areas of the healthcare facility, inquired about medicine and essential item availability, inspected the labor room and ward, and addressed staff concerns and facilitation. Some observations were made regarding face lifting and display, and instructions were given to the District Manager for prompt rectification and reporting.

Subsequently, Mr. Jagirani, accompanied by the District Manager of SBA, visited BHU plus Nawab Wali Mohammad. He conducted a comprehensive inspection of the entire health facility, interacted with the staff and patients' attendants, and received satisfactory feedback on the services provided by BHU Plus.

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