CEO Javed Ali Jagirani Visits Coastal Camps, Acknowledges Dedicated Staff and Gathers Feedback on Services

Mr. Javed Ali Jagirani, the CEO of PPHI Sindh, accompanied by RD RO-II Mr. Abdul Raheem, visited two fixed camps located in the coastal areas of Badin. They first visited the IDPs camps at Seerani and Bhugra Memon, where medical services are being provided by PPHI. During the visit, Mr. Jagirani thoroughly inspected the camps and inquired about the services provided. The District Manager (DM), Medical Officers (MOs), and Field Medical Officers (FMOs) of the camps briefed him in detail.

Furthermore, Mr. Jagirani interacted with the patients in the IDPs camps and gathered their feedback on the services and treatment. Additionally, he met with an admitted patient suffering from diarrhea in one of the camps. He expressed appreciation for the dedicated staff working tirelessly from dawn to dusk in these camps.

Subsequently, Mr. Jagirani visited GD Plus Seerani and conducted a detailed tour of every section of the healthcare facility (HF).

Moreover, Mr. Javed Ali Jagirani, CEO-PPHI, also visited the 24/7 fixed camp at BHU Ahmed Rajo. The healthcare facility provides Single Midwife Services; however, due to Cyclone Biperjoy, the IDPs have been relocated to nearby buildings. As a result, the fixed camp is now operational round the clock in three shifts, including ambulance services and Ambulance 1122, to fully cater to the health needs of the people during emergencies. Mr. Jagirani, along with RD RO-II, conducted a comprehensive visit to the healthcare facility, inquiring from the staff about the services and requirements of the area, including the vicinity and the Zero Point seaside. He commended the staff for their dedication in providing services in this remote and challenging area, where no other nearby health services are available for the people except PPHI.

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