Inauguration Ceremony of CCT Program at BHU Plus Tando Soomro.

In a momentous event, the Inauguration Ceremony of the Comprehensive Community Midwifery (CCT) Program at BHU Plus Tando Soomro unfolded with great enthusiasm. The distinguished Chief Guest, Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Shah, Minister of the Social Protection Department, graced the occasion, underscoring the significance of this healthcare initiative. Accompanying the Minister were notable guests, including Sir Rafique Mustafa, Secretary of SPD, Sir Khalid Hyder Shah, Commissioner Hyderabad, Sir Altaf Gohar Memon, DC Tando Allahyar, and Sir Samiullah Shaikh, CEO of SPA. The event commenced with the recitation of the Quran Pak, setting a solemn tone for the proceedings. Minister Muhammad Ahmed Shah, along with his team, toured the various sections of the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) side of the BHU Plus Tando Soomro. Engaging with the dedicated staff, he inquired about the implementation of the CCT Program and expressed keen interest in its impact on the community. The event was expertly led by Mr. Mazhar Veesar, Regional Director RO1, who provided a comprehensive briefing to Minister Muhammad Ahmed Shah and his esteemed team regarding the service delivery at all corners of the MCH side. The organized working style of PPHI Sindh received accolades from all the distinguished guests, who also expressed immense appreciation for the exemplary services being rendered at BHU Plus Tando Soomro. The collaborative efforts showcased during the inauguration ceremony exemplify the commitment of PPHI Sindh towards improving healthcare accessibility and quality in the region. As the ceremony concluded, the attendees left with a sense of optimism, anticipating the positive impact that the CCT Program will bring to the community, further strengthening PPHI Sindh's commitment to healthcare excellence.

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