Forging Strong Partnerships: Collaborative Ventures with Pathfinder International

We are thrilled to announce a promising collaboration on the horizon! Our recent meeting with Pathfinder International marked a significant step towards future joint initiatives and shared endeavors. Ms. Madeeha Lateef, Country Director, and Shazia, Program Officer, along with Mr. David, attended on behalf of Pathfinder International. PPHI Sindh's team was led by Mr. Riaz Rahoojo, COO. Other attendees include Dr. Kishwer Ali - PO, Dr. Sajid Shafique, PD Nutrition, Dr. Zakir Punar - DHS, Dr. Rabia - DD MNCH, Dr. Falak - DD Secondary Care. The discussions centered around potential collaborations, synergies, and joint projects that will contribute to our shared goals and objectives. We are excited about the prospect of combining our strengths to create a positive impact on a broader scale. As we navigate this collaborative journey, the commitment from both organizations to make a difference in our communities is unwavering. Stay tuned for updates on the exciting developments that will unfold as we move forward in this impactful partnership.

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