CEO PPHI Conducts Surprise Visit to Healthcare Facilities in Jamshoro District

Today, CEO of People's Primary Healthcare Initiative (PPHI), Mr. Javed Ali Jagirani, along with Director Health Services, Dr. Zakir Ali, undertook an unexpected visit to BHU Plus Lakha, BHU Plus Khanoth, and GD Plus Saharabad Health Facilities (HFs) under the jurisdiction of District Office Jamshoro-A. During the evening and night shifts, Mr. Jagirani meticulously inspected various aspects of these facilities, including cleanliness, medication availability, and service quality, while Dr. Zakir assessed the competency of healthcare providers and technical infrastructure. Observations for improvement were duly noted and will be addressed promptly. In a parallel initiative, CEO Mr. Jagirani, accompanied by Dr. Zakir and Manager EPI, also visited several other healthcare facilities in DO Jamshoro-B, including RHC Bhansaeedabad, BHU Plus Laki, and RHC Wada Chhachar. At each location, they conducted thorough inspections, engaged with staff, and evaluated service provision. The visit aimed to ensure the efficient functioning of healthcare services and identify areas for enhancement. Both visits concluded with expressions of appreciation for the dedicated efforts of the healthcare teams and a commitment to address noted observations promptly.

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