DO Matiari Establishes First NICU at RHC Bhit Shah

This is truly the visionary leader of CEO PPHI Sindh sir Javed Ali jagirani and Alhamdulilah here we are thrilled to announce that PPHI, DO Matiari has established Neonatal Intensive Care UNIT (NICU) for the very first time and has fully functionalized it at RHC Bhit Shah . The efforts of District Manager Matiari madam Iqra, Administrator Mr Tahir Lashari, MOHQ Dr. Ali Raza and EME Mr. Hyder Samejo and the entire team of DO Matiari technical and monitoring have been instrumental in achieving this milestone in such a short span of time. The guidance of RD Moula Bux Solangi⁩ paved the way for timely accomplishment of this task.

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