Strengthening Healthcare Accessibility: NHSP-1000 Days and MCSP-CCT Performance Review

In a recent collaboration between the Social Protection Authority (SPA), World Bank, and PPHI Sindh, a comprehensive performance review of the NHSP-1000 Days project and MCSP-CCT was conducted. The discussion, with a special focus on enhancing accessibility to service delivery and improving infrastructure, emphasized key strategies for progress. Led by esteemed participants from SPA and World Bank, including Mr. Sohail S. Abbasi, Senior Social Protection Specialist, Mr. Ahmad Faruq Taraq, MIS Consultant, and Ms. Sarah Nizamani, Social Protection Consultant, the review delved into crucial areas of program enhancement. PPHI Sindh's notable participants, including CEO, Mr. Javed Ali Jagirani, COO, Mr. Riaz Hussain Rahoojo, DHS, Dr. Zakir Ali, DD Secondary, Dr. Falak, DD MNCH, Dr. Rabia, DD Research Ms. Neelofer, and Manager Training & Capacity Building Dr. Beenish, brought invaluable insights and expertise to the discussion. The review highlighted key objectives, including the improvement of the referral mechanism through ambulance provision, the implementation of a robust monitoring and evaluation system via MIS, and comprehensive program updates coupled with training and capacity-building initiatives. This collaborative effort underscores a shared commitment to advancing healthcare accessibility and quality, paving the way for impactful interventions and positive outcomes in the healthcare sector.

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