CEO's Field Visit to THQ Bakrani @ Arija and RHC Banguldero in District Larkano

The Chief Executive Officer of PPHI Sindh, Mr. Javed Ali Jagirani conducted a comprehensive field visit to the Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital Bakrani @ Arija and the Rural Health Center (RHC) Banguldero in District Larkano. This visit was aimed at assessing the healthcare services and facilities provided at these centers and ensuring that they meet the high standards set by PPHI Sindh. During the visit, the CEO engaged with the medical staff, patients, and community members to gain firsthand insights into their experiences and needs. The CEO emphasized the importance of providing quality healthcare services and encouraged the staff to maintain their dedication and commitment to serving the community. Regional MRM of RO-III & RO-IV Held at Conference Hall, Region Office Larkano A Regional Monthly Review Meeting (MRM) was held for Region Larkano (RO-III) and Region Sukkur (RO-IV) at the Conference Hall, Region Office Larkano. The meeting brought together key team members to review the performance and progress of healthcare initiatives in these regions. The discussions focused on the achievements, challenges, and future strategies to enhance healthcare delivery. The CEO highlighted the critical role of regional offices in implementing effective healthcare programs and stressed the importance of continuous improvement and innovation in healthcare services. PPHI Sindh remains committed to improving healthcare access and quality across the province, and these visits and meetings are part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that every individual receives the care they deserve.

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