Health Minister Distributes 10 Ambulances To PPHI Sindh BHU Plus

23 November 2018, Karachi: Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, Minister for Health and Population Welfare distributed 10 ambulances to PPHI Sindh BHU Plus in an Ambulance Distribution Ceremony held today at PPHI Sindh Head Office in Karachi. Dr. Pechuho gave the keys to Medical Officers and drivers of the respective BHU Plus. The ambulances will serve three main objectives; free of cost mobility of pregnant women for delivery, mobility of severely acute malnutrition children and also tend to accidental emergencies on roads.

Dr. Azra Pechuho applauding the efforts of PPHI Sindh said, "The Department of Health acknowledges PPHI's commitment towards improving health indicators in Sindh. We are establishing a well-integrated strategy to work together and make basic health facilities easily accessible to the underprivileged communities in Sindh."

Mr. Ghulam Ali Soomro, Chief Executive Officer - PPHI Sindh, said, '"PPHI Sindh's immediate focus is on reducing delayed patient mobility and transfers to and from health facility which usually costs us lives. We have mobilized the additional resources to ensure that medical care is effectively accessible to everyone in need."

PPHI Sindh has distributed 193 ambulances to various BHU Plus in the past. Today's number brings the total to 203.

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