PPHI Sindh organized one-day orientation on lab investigations

PPHI Sindh organized a one-day orientation on laboratory investigations for paramedics on Tuesday, 30 March 2021 at Khahori Hall, Badin. A total of 15 male paramedics attended the orientation. The session was delivered by MO-HQ Dr. Khowaja, Sheeraz and Laboratory technician from BHU Plus Behdmi, Badin A, Mr. Jibran Shehzad.

The session covered basic ANC labs/RDTs, how to conduct the labs, how to maintain lab registers, how to fill M/H registers and how to communicate to MOHQ in case any abnormality shows up in labs of any client and referral to any of MCH centre of PPHI Badin A or DHQ.

The participants also performed all the RDTs vis HbsAg/ HCV Ab/ HIV/RPR/Hb/URS-3.

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