PPHI Sindh started basic lab services in 2010 at about 400+ focal Basic Health Units (BHUs) especially regarding antenatal care (ANC). These basic lab investigations were well received by the community as well as healthcare providers due to their accessibility. PPHI Sindh is operating with 04 main District Laboratories s with a network of 20 Collection Units all around the Sindh.


PPHI Sindh Laboratory Services is committed to provide high quality diagnostic services to the patients and communities in rural areas of Sindh through primary healthcare system of the province. In pursuit of this commitment, PPHI Sindh is bringing the future to healthcare by providing broad spectrum of laboratory services through inpatients, outpatients and outreach modalities.

Our Core Values

The lab offers consultant pathologists/PHD scientists and qualified medical technologists and is equipped with state-of-the-art fully automated equipment.

PPHI Lab offers latest technology in Pakistan, enabling PPHI Lab to provide reliable and high quality laboratory results.



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Services Offered
Quality Control & Quality Assurance
  • All the services provided in the laboratory are subjected to Internal Quality Control and Proficiency Testing (External Quality Assurance by, EQAS – Bio-Rad International Quality Assessment Scheme, to provide clinicians and clients with accurate and precise results. The Department works under the medical directorship of the Medical Director and is under the administrative / technical leadership of the Manager / Clinical pathologist

    Certifications : ISO SHCC, SBTA
Clinical Chemistry
  • The Chemistry section is well equipped with stat of the art and latest top of the line Analyzers from well-known brands of the world, recognized & approved by FDA (USA).

    The Chemistry Section provides all routine and Special Tests including Tumor Markers:

    • Routine Chemistry Tests such as LFT, HBA1C, Lipid Profile and all other hormonal test are carried out through integrated COBAS PURE, Chemistry and Special Chemistry Analyzer from Roche (Switzerland)
    • AU-480 Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer from Beckman Coulter (USA)
    • Indiko Plus fully automated Chemistry Analyzer from Thermo Fisher (Germany)
    • Maglumi-2000 Fully Automated Special Chemistry Analyzer, Snibe, China
    • Eliza Plate Reader

  • The Hematology section provides diagnostic workup on various blood-related diseases through the stat-of-the-art automated analysers, wherein CBC is performed on DXH-800 Beckman Coulter fully automated 6-Part FDA Approved hematology Analyser.


    • Blood complete picture
    • Red cell morphology
    • ESR
    • Reticulocyte count
    • Malaria diagnosis (ICT and microscopy)
    • Coagulation profile (PT, APTT, D-dimers)
Blood Bank
  • The well-equipped blood banks at PPHI-Sindh provides the best services to our patients within the time scale relevant to the urgency of clinical problems. Components are prepared through Thermo Scientific™ Cryofuge™ 8, whereas, Blood Grouping and cross match are performed through latest Gel Card Technology.


    • ABO and Rh blood grouping
    • Cross match
    • Coomb’s test (indirect)
    • Component preparation (FFP, Platelets, Packed cells)
    • Blood donor care
    • Donor blood screening for HBV, HCV, HIV, Syphilis and Malaria
  • Microbiology section deals with all Special and Routine Culture and Sensitivity Tests via Used BD BACTEC 9050 445800 Instrumented Blood Culture System Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology, Serology, Semenology, Immunofluorescence, Urinalysis Quality Control Culture of Water and Environment, Media preparation.
  • The PCR lab is fully functional & well equipped with latest fully automated system from Roche & Qaigen. PCR lab is preforming Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B and all other Molecular test.

    • Cobas 5800 system Roche Diagnostic
    • Rotor Gene Q-QIAGEN
    • Safety cabinet class II-B
  • The Covid Lab is stablished at District Lab Hyderabad & providing services to the community at an affordable cost in this time of pandemic. Covid Lab is well equipped with latest state of the art full automated instruments.

    • Cobas 4800 system Roche Diagnostic
    • Rotor Gene Q-QIAGEN
    • Safety cabinet class II-B
Main Laboratories
District Lab Hyderabad
Address: PPHI Complex, Marvi Garden, Near Driving License Office, Jamshoro Road, Hyderabad.
Contact No. 0223 667211

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District Lab Mirpurkhas
Address: Bungalow no 22, Saadi Town, Main Hyderabad Road, Near Bus Terminal, Mirpurkhas.
Contact No. 0233 821005

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District Lab Jacobabad
Address: Civil Hospital, Jacobabad.
Contact No. 0722 650100

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District Lab Kausar Hospital
Address: Kausar Hospital, Near NCL Road, Faizabad, Khairpur Mirs, Khairpur.
Contact No. 0243 684183

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