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Since the start of journey in 2007, PPHI Sindh has made enormous strides as a non-profit organization in saving lives of millions of women and newborn babies. As PPHI Sindh’s technical expertise expanded, the organizational approaches increasingly became field-driven, more practical, flexible, and sustainable. Due to its continuous tireless efforts and dedication, PPHI Sindh showed a tremendous improvement in the healthcare systems and service delivery resulting in increasing trust of the Government of Sindh (GoS).

This led to the handing over of Rural Health Centers (RHCs) and Taluka Head Quarter (THQ) Health Facilities to the management of PPHI Sindh. Although RHCs come under the domain of Primary Health Care (PHC), PPHI Sindh decided to manage the RHCs and THQs in a separate domain known as Secondary Care Services to properly manage these HFs on optimum level and as per need of the community.

In rural areas of Sindh many women and newborns lose their precious lives due to unavailability of these services in the nearby areas. The non-availability of immediate transport mechanisms further worsens the situation. Therefore, PPHI Sindh has upgraded the RHCs to the level of Secondary Care in addition to the THQs. Also, 3 Mother & Child Health Centers (MCHCs) have CEmONC facilities available (including Operation theaters, NICU and Blood Banks) and are providing a high standard of care to a huge number of Catchment Area Population.

What is the definition of secondary healthcare?

Secondary level care refers to specialized medical services that are typically provided by medical specialists, and it offers a higher level of expertise and technology than what is available in primary care settings. It comes into play when a patient’s condition requires more specialized expertise or advanced medical procedures. Patients are usually referred to secondary healthcare by their primary care providers when their conditions require a higher level of expertise or technology. Secondary Healthcare plays a vital role in the healthcare system serving as the bridge between primary care and highly specialized tertiary care.

Secondary Care includes the following services:

1. Specialist Consultation Clinics:
  • Secondary care includes access to medical specialists like gynecologists, pediatricians, anesthetists, or more. Patients are referred to these specialists when their conditions require specialized expertise.
2. Diagnostic Services:
  • Secondary care often involves advanced diagnostic services, including imaging (Ultrasound, X-rays, ECG), laboratory tests, and specialized medical equipment for more precise diagnosis.
3. Inpatient Care:
  • Secondary healthcare includes hospitalization and inpatient services, where patients may receive surgeries, complex treatments, and ongoing medical care for serious conditions.
Secondary care is an essential component of the healthcare system, working in conjunction with primary care to provide comprehensive healthcare services to individuals and communities. It acts as a bridge between primary and tertiary care, ensuring that patients receive the appropriate level of care for their medical needs.

Difference between primary and secondary care HFs?

Primary and secondary healthcare are two important levels of healthcare services, each serving different roles in a person’s overall health and well-being:

• Primary Healthcare is the first point of contact for individuals seeking healthcare services and it is typically provided by general practitioners, family doctors, nurses, and midwives. Secondary care is a more specialized level of care that typically involves specialist doctors, advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities, and larger hospitals.
• Primary healthcare focuses on preventive care, health promotion, and the initial diagnosis and treatment of common health issues whereas secondary healthcare includes services like surgery, inpatient care, specialized medical consultations, and access to medical specialists such as gynecologists, pediatricians, and anesthetists.

Number of Secondary care HFs of PPHI Sindh
Services provided at Secondary Healthcare facilities

Name of Service
Outdoor Services
Type of Hospital / HF
Model RHC
Type of Hospital / HF
1 General OPD 6/6 6/6
2 Emergency Care 24/7 24/7
3 Medicolegal Case (Optional) 24/7 24/7
4 Dental Health (OPD) 6/6 6/6
5 Eye Clinic 6/6 6/6
6 Consultant Gynecologist OPD 6/6 NA
7 Consultant Pediatrician OPD 6/6 NA
8 Ophthalmology surgeries 6/6 NA
9 Tb Case management 6/6 6/6
10 Malaria Control Program 6/6 6/6
11 HIV Control Program (Optional) 6/6 NA
12 Hepatitis Control Program 6/6 6/6
13 Immunization/EPI 6/6 6/6
14 OTP 6/6 6/6
15 Health Education 6/6 6/6
S.No. Maternal & Child Health Services Model RHC RHC
1 Family Planning 24/7 24/7
2 Antenatal Care 24/7 24/7
3 Normal Vaginal Delivery 24/7 24/7
4 Cesarean Section 24/7 NA
5 Postnatal Care 24/7 24/7
6 Blood Transfusion 24/7 NA
7 Postoperative care/ward 24/7 NA
8 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 24/7 NA
S.No. Diagnostic Services Model RHC RHC
1 General Laboratory Tests 24/7 6/6
2 X-ray services 24/7 6/6
3 Ultrasound Services 24/7 24/7
4 Tb/Malaria/HIV Diagnosis 6/6 6/6
5 Electrocardiography (Optional) 24/7 NA
6 Ambulance Services 24/7 24/7

List of CEmONC HFs under PPHI Sindh:

1. SGH Murad Memon Goth
2. SGH Ibrahim Hyderi
3. RHC Bhit Shah
4. RHC Tando Jam
5. RHC Bhan Saeedabad
6. MCH Mirwah
7. SGH Naudero
8. THQ Dokri
9. MCH Kausar
10. MCH Mirpur Mathelo


  • In year 2023 CEmONC services have been initiated in 3 new Health Facilities including:

    • RHC Bhan Saeedabad
    • THQ Dokri
    • SGH Ibrahim Hyderi
  • In year 2024 CEmONC services have been initiated in 1 new Health Facility that is:

    • SGH Murad Memon Goth

Region wise names of RHCs with districts

Region 1
  • Hyderabad
    1. RHC Tando Jam
    2. RHC Hoosri
    3. RHC Tando Qaiser

    1. RHC/MCH Jhangara
    2. RHC Wada Chacher
    3. RHC Arazi
    4. RHC Bhan Saeedabad

    1. RHC Bhit Shah

    1. RHC Chohar Jamali

    Tando Allahyar

    Tando Mohammad Khan
    2. RHC Raju Nizamani
Region 2
  • Badin-A
    1. RHC Kario Ganhwar

    1. RHC Nindo

    1. MCH Mirwah

    1. RHC Jhudo

    1. RHC Islamkot
    2. RHC Kheensar

    1. RHC Khokhrapar
Region 3
  • Dadu
    1. Sita Road


    1. RHC Nasirabad

    1. THQ Kashmore
    2. RHC Tangwani

    1. RHC Badah
    2. RHC Gerello
    3. RHC Gari Khuda Bux Bhutto
    4. RHC Banguldero
    5. THQ Dokri
    6. Government Hospital Naudero
    7. THQ Ratodero
    8. THQ Arija

    1. RHC Khanpur
Region 4
  • Khairpur
    1. RHC Pir Jo Goth
    2. RHC Reti
    3. RHC Adilpur
    4. RHC Jarwar
    5. MCH Kausar Hospital
Region 5
  • NSF
    1. RHC Halani

    1. RHC Daur

Region 6
  • Malir
    1. SGH Ibrahim Hyderi
    2. RHC Rehri Goth
    3. RHC Old Thaana
    4. SGH Murad Memon Goth
    5. SGH Thado Naalo
    6. GH Dumba Goth

    1. MCH Jannat Gul

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