- To establish the PPHI Sindh as a leading research organization in Pakistan


- PPHI Sindh, leading organization who is providing Primary Health Care, MNCH Services, Immunization, nutrition interventions, TB Screening and management, introduction of modern family planning methods and also led to introduce KMC at facility level
- In existing system there is an absence of evidence/research based data/findings to identify the actual gaps to further enhance and improve the existing services and also to validate the achievements and contribution in the improvement MNCH services, immunization and family planning especially at rural areas of Sindh so far


- Scientific approach of gathering data will develop organization’s credibility towards Research and Development that eventually produced quality research outputs, strategically building the strength and capacity of the PPHI’s vision


- To produce evidence based findings through community and facility based research and disseminates those findings and performance at National and International level
- To identify gaps through continuous research activities for developing strategies on scientific evidence
- To publish research findings in national and international journals
- To cultivate research partnerships with institutions/organizations
- To develop benchmark for research performance
- To provide capacity-building of existing staff regarding research activities
- To attract significant extramural research funds in order to conduct community-based research projects

Research Targets

- Through situational Analysis identifying achievements and gaps and their mitigation plan - To analyze existing PPHI data and compare them with the benchmark data (MICS, PDHS etc.) and generate scientific evidence of PPHI achievements so far and disseminate at Provincial, National and International Level. - For evidence based research, conducting baseline/cross sectional surveys at district and UC level to generate the evidence based performance of PPHI, Sindh and to compare it with Non-PPHI HFs and also to identify gaps to further improve our existing services. - Generate program-specific research plans, including program planning, program goals and objectives, including M&E results framework, program indicators, and data use. - Provide evidence-based decision making at the programmatic and policy levels - Formulate Institutional Review Board (IRB) within organization - Host at least one international conference within initial 2 year - Host at least one national workshops per year to disseminate PPHI work to different Research organizations - Attract 2-3 internationally leading donor agencies for externally funded collaborative research activities involving different grants - Develop and implement a benchmarking mechanism for evaluating research performance - Publication of at least three research articles in high impact index peer reviewed journal or recognized national journals

Ongoing Projects
Impact Assessment Survey (IAS)
  • About: The goal of the survey is to assess the impact of current MNCH and other services by PPHI at primary health care level. This will provide the gaps in current service provision and further help us in following areas:

      Improving the quality services, in particular MNCH services, at the target health facilities
      Ensuring accessibility to the health services
      Improving the health behaviour in the target communities

    Key Activities:

      Conducted in two districts (Dadu & Jacobabad)
      Implemented in catchment areas of 20 HFs (10 Govt. & 10 PPHI)
      Development of survey tools
      Development of data collection Smart App
      Demarcation & household listing in all selected areas
      Survey of the randomly selected households
      Findings of the survey
      Development of monitoring dashboard of the survey

Caesarian Section Audit – Kausar Hospital Khairpur
  • About: PPHI Sindh is implementing caesarian section audit at Kausar Hospital, Khairpur to identify the burden of unnecessary caesarian sections. In this project, retrospective data is being assessed from the patient record files to categorize the indications of caesarian sections according to the following categories:

      Immediate threat to the life of the mother or fetus
      Maternal or fetal compromise which was not immediately life-threatening
      No maternal or fetal compromise but needs early delivery
      Delivered timed to suit the mother and staff

    Key Activities:

      Development of C-section audit tool
      Implementation of audit survey
      Findings of the C-section audit survey
      Development of data collection Smart App

Establishing of Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • About: Under the management of PPHI Sindh, research and training wing is taking initiative to establish Institutional Review Board (IRB) to look after research projects that will ensure the protection of the rights, safety and well-being of participants. The IRB will work according to the ethical principles of respect, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice

    Key Activities:

      Members selection for IRB
      Development of SOP
      Development of user manual
      Exemption guidelines

    In process
Data Analysis of Existing DHIS Data for PPHI HFs
  • About: Aim is to analyse existing PPHI data and compare with the benchmark data (MICS, PDHS etc.) and generate scientific evidence of PPHI achievements/performance so far

    Key Activities:

      Data extraction and cleaning
      Exploratory analysis
      Develop associations between variables through bivariate and multivariate analysis

    In process
Ensuring Quality and Utilization of Services in PPHI Sindh’s Health Facilities (EQUiP – HF) survey - Health Facility Assessment
  • About: Aim of the survey is to provide the evaluation of health facilities under the management of PPHI Sindh with the focus of MNCH care including Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC). To address the critical MNCH gaps, PPHI Sindh is executing a health facility audit in Badin and Khairpur districts. This assessment will periodically investigate the strengths, processes and challenges faced by the health facilities in the region

    Key Activities:

      Write up of concept note
      Development of data collection app
      Development of training manual
      Development of data collection Smart App using ODK

Training and assessment Kangaroo Mother Care
  • About: The aim of the Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) training module is to provide healthcare workers the correct knowledge and adequate skills for promoting KMC practices in healthcare facilities in Sindh. This module is expected to:

      Identify gaps in delivering KMC services for LBW/preterm infants
      Improve level of knowledge and practices of healthcare workers regarding KMC
      Improved care of LBW/preterm infants in resource-poor setting

    Key Activities:

      Development of training module
      KMC provision assessment survey
      Knowledge, Assessment and Practice survey

    In process
Verbal Autopsy
  • About: The main objective of the VA is to elucidate the causes of death at the community level or population level where civil registration and death certification systems are weak and where most people die at home without having had contact with the health system

    Key Activities:

      Training of Trainers
      Trickle down training
      Development of VA tools
      Data collection through developed VA tools

    In process
Future Projects
Evaluating and improving Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) of Adolescent Girls
  • About: A comprehensive package of interventions on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in district Hyderabad Sindh will be implemented after assessing baseline knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding menstruation and hygiene management. The community-based intervention package will create awareness among adolescent girls and women of reproductive age (WRA) by providing information on menstruation, clearing myths and misperceptions, improved hygiene management involving skill development for production of sanitary pads by using locally available material. Awareness and importance of MHM will be raised among married men (respondents’ husband) as well
Data Digitization of selected Health Facilities
  • About: Planning to enter data from hard copies in to electronic format through data entry software
Training and Capacity Building
  • About: Purpose is to provide job coaching and capacity building of existing PPHI staffs that are qualified in Public health to play a key role in expansion of research work at larger scale
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