Aim & Objective

With the aim to develop as a leading research organization in Pakistan, PPHI Sindh - Research Wing was established in August 2018, to enhance organization's credibility and strength through its Research and Development activities.

The main objective of Research Wing is to generate the evidence-based findings and assess the impact of PPHI, SINDH Interventions in the existing health delivery system; and to identify the actual gaps in the health care services and to improve the quality-of-care services based on evidence-based findings and also to validate the achievements and contributions in the improvement of routine health care system, MNCH services, immunization and family planning services.

Main Objectives of Research Wing, PPHI Sindh are:

• To produce evidence-based findings through community and facility-based research and disseminates those findings and performance at National and International level
• To identify gaps through continuous research activities for developing strategies on scientific evidence
• To publish research findings in national and international journals
• To cultivate research partnerships with institutions/organizations
• To develop benchmark for research performance
• To provide capacity-building of existing staff regarding research activities


PPHI Sindh, is a leading organization committed to provide comprehensive Primary Health Care services including MNCH, Immunization, nutrition interventions, TB Screening and management, modern family planning methods, KMC at facility level through its 6/6 and 24/7 primary health care facilities in Sindh. Responding to the needs of essential and comprehensive healthcare service delivery to the communities, the existing system lacked evidence-based approaches to identify actual gaps and to further enhance and improve the existing services. In addition, the need to validate the achievements and contribution in the improvement of MNCH, immunization and family planning indicators especially in rural areas of Sindh.


Scientific approach of gathering systematic data will develop organization's credibility towards Research and Development that eventually produced quality research outputs, strategically building the strength and capacity of the PPHI's vision.

Research Milestones
Internal Studies Completed
Proposed Internal Studies
  •    Baseline Community Health Survey of Shaheed Benazir Abad
       Evaluating and improving Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) of Adolescent Girls
       Re-Assessment of PPHI Sindh warehouses
Other Achievements
Current Research Grant

1. Health systems analysis and evaluations of the barriers to availability, utilization and readiness of selected RMNCH services in COVID-19 affected areas.
(In Collaboration with Aga Khan University School of Nursing and Midwifery and Research Wing PPHI Sindh) (October 2021 – June 2022)

2. "Understanding the current childhood pneumonia management practices multicounty observational study" (Funded by WHO-Geneva)
Contract agreement in process, Duration of the study 18-Months

3. Validation of Non-Invasive Hemoglobin Monitors (In collaboration between PPHI, Sindh and Tech4Life Enterprises) (Funded by Tech4Life Enterprises)
Contract agreement in process, Duration of the study 09 Months

PPHI Publications

Research Wing of PPHI Sindh has published following research abstracts based on its field work and analysis. These publications can be downloaded from the links given below:

Research Abstract Publication

1. Impact on Family Planning Services in Primary Healthcare Facilities in Rural Sindh – Secondary Data Analysis of Pre- and on-going COVID-19 Crisis Period
by Nelofer Baig, Ayaz Baloch, Zamir Suhag
Published in 2021
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2. Impact on the Utilization of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Care Services at Primary Health Care Level During First Wave of COVID-19 Outbreak in Pakistan
by Ayaz Baloch, Nelofer Baig, Zamir Suhag
Published in 2021
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3. Evaluating implementation of “management of Possible Serious Bacterial Infection (PSBI) when referral is not feasible” in primary health care facilities in Sindh province, Pakistan
by Maria Bhura, Shabina Ariff, Shamim Ahmad Qazi, Zaitoon Qazi, Imran Ahmed, Yasir bin Nisar, Zamir Suhag, Abdul Wahab Soomro, Sajid Bashir Soofi
Published in 2020
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4. Burden and predictors of undernourishment among married women of reproductive age: a cross-sectional study in Dadu and Jacobabad districts of the Province Sindh, Pakistan
by Zamir Hussain Suhag, Ayaz Ahmed Baloch, Nelofer Baig, Zohra S Lassi, Abdul Wahab Soomro
Published in 2022
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