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- Repair & Renovation of Health Facilities is one of the key initiatives of PPHI Sindh. When PPHI Sindh took over the management of Health Facilities (HFs), 35% of these were totally collapsed with no service delivery. The remaining HFs also required major repairs in order to continue service provision.


- PPHI Sindh has been updating and renovating the health facilities which are under its management to maintain the quality and provision of primary health facilities to the community.
- For this purpose, PPHI Sindh allocates a dedicated budget under the repair and renovation head every year which is utilized in upgrading the existing facilities and renovating the newly taken over ones


- Under R&R, PPHI Sindh mainly focuses on the appearance of health facility buildings. PPHI Sindh’s R&R process involves altering the functionality of health facility buildings, installing new appliances and fixtures, and transforming the space. Renovations may give a building a more modern appearance and add many functional elements to it.
- The process mainly involves roof replacement of buildings, creation of additional rooms, new construction, and infrastructure and utilities for health facility buildings, laboratories, warehouses and office buildings.


- Repair & Renovation is necessary process to maintain the long-term performance of buildings. For the staff and patients, renovation contributes to the acceptable levels of convenience and quality of the HF buildings.


- PPHI Sindh initially, with the support of Sindh Government, started R&R work of such redundant HFs through two PC-I: Repair & Renovation of District 10 and District 13 with costs of Rs. 264.234 million and Rs. 271.173 million, respectively
- PPHI Sindh has spent a total of Rs. 1355.059 million on Repair & Renovation so far. Of this total, the funds received from the Sindh Government amount to Rs.873.479 million as of 2020.
- In addition to the R&R works, PPHI Sindh has constructed medicine warehouses in Badin, Khairpur, Thatta, Larkana, Sukkur and Hyderabad.

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