Managing complications in pregnancy and Child birth (MCPC)


According to PDHS 2007 Maternal mortality rate of Pakistan is 276 per 100,000 live births. All pregnancies are at high risk of some complications. Many of pregnancies end up in life threatening conditions and it required pivotal interventions to be implemented for mother and child survival. WHO has developed a manual named by Managing complications in pregnancy and Child birth (MCPC).

MCPC Manual is essential for doctors and midwives who are responsible for managing complications during pregnancy, child birth and during postnatal period. This also includes immediate care of newborns.

This is easy to use manual and based on symptoms-based approach which ultimately helps in diagnosing maternal and child complications. This includes clinical decision-making process based on clinical assessment with limited reliance of laboratory investigations.

PPHI follows MCPC guidelines to ensure that majority of complications managed at well equipped PPHI Health facilities under care of professional medical and paramedical staffs. PPHI devoted its services for the community to manage woman or newborn with complications and it also promotes proper referral mechanism to reduce delay in recognizing and managing complications. In addition, PPHI tries to improve Maternal and Neonatal outcomes by following instruction provided in MCOC guidelines.

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