CEO PPHI Sindh visited Larkana District

CEO, PPHI Sindh, Mr. Javed Ali Jagirani during his visit to District Larkana chaired the monthly review meeting of DO Larkana Primary care. RD Larkana, Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Soomro and DM Larkana, Ms. Iqra presented the MRM. Mr. Jagirani discussed all the KPIs, and appreciated good performers of the district.

Later on, Mr. Jagirani also inaugurated recently repaired and renovated BHU Wasayo Bhutto, Larkana during a ceremony.

The inauguration was followed by Mr. Jagirani's visit to PPHI Sindh's Medical Camp Site organized for 17th death anniversary of Shaheed Mohatarma Benazir Bhutto. RD Larkano, Mr. Soomro also accompanied him during the visit.

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