CEO and COO of PPHI Sindh Conduct Comprehensive Healthcare Tour and Performance Review

Mr. Javed Ali Jagirani, CEO, and Mr. Riaz Hussain Rahoojo, COO PPHI Sindh, did an extensive visit, making a significant impact on various healthcare facilities and services within their organization. Here's a brief summary of their activities: NSC Chachro Visit: The day began with a visit to NSC Chachro, where Mr. Jagirani and Mr. Rahoojo engaged with the staff and inquired about the status of services and caseload. This visit likely helped them assess the quality and efficiency of healthcare services provided at this location. RHC Kheensar Inspection: They then proceeded to RHC Kheensar, thoroughly inspecting all sections and services. Their focus included evaluating the program and quality of the Major R&R scheme. The visit also involved interactions with both the staff and the local community, ensuring a comprehensive assessment. RHC Khokhrapar Visit: The next stop was RHC Khokhrapar, where Mr. Jagirani closely examined the ongoing R&R work and the MNCH (Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health) section, as well as the OPD Block. This hands-on approach reflects their commitment to the improvement and expansion of healthcare services. NSC Inauguration at DHQ Umerkot: Mr. Jagirani inaugurated a newly shifted NSC at DHQ Umerkot. This event was attended by the Chief Operating Officer of PPHI Sindh and the Regional Director Mirpurkhas. The inauguration signifies an expansion of healthcare services in the area. BHU Usman Junjo & GD Jhurbi Inauguration: Continuing their tour, they inaugurated BHU Usman Junjo and GD Jhurbi after R&R work at RO-II Mirpurkhas-A. Mr. Jagirani paid close attention to the quality of work and appreciated the team's efforts. Regional Director Mr. Mazher Ali Veesar played a pivotal role in achieving these accomplishments. Performance Review Meeting: A significant part of their day involved a Performance Review Meeting for Region Mirpurkhas, chaired by Mr. Jagirani and attended by Mr. Rahoojo. During this meeting, they emphasized the need for all team members to put in their utmost efforts to improve performance in their respective districts. RHC Revisits: Finally, Mr. Jagirani revisited RHC Khokhrapar in District Umerkot and RHC Kheensar in District Tharparkar, further underscoring the importance of on-site assessments and continuous monitoring of healthcare facilities. Overall, their extensive tour and meetings demonstrated their dedication to enhancing healthcare services within PPHI Sindh and their commitment to providing quality healthcare to the communities they serve.

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