PPHI Sindh held 44th BoD Meeting to assess yearly progress and budget strategy

The 44th Board of Directors (BoD) Meeting of PPHI Sindh convened today to evaluate the organization's yearly progress and strategize for enhanced healthcare delivery across the province. Chaired by Mr. Fazal-ur-Rehman, Chairman BOD, the meeting aimed to review ongoing initiatives, discuss the annual performance, and plan future developments presented by Mr. Javed Ali Jagirani, CEO PPHI Sindh. The board scrutinized various aspects of PPHI Sindh's performance, including outreach programs, service delivery, community engagement efforts, and budget allocations. Members assessed the effectiveness of current healthcare initiatives and explored opportunities for improvement to ensure the provision of high-quality healthcare services to all communities in Sindh. The discussion also focused on budgetary considerations, aiming to optimize resource allocation for maximizing healthcare impact.

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